UNIVERSITAS Miguel Hernández

 “To draw the best surgeons to progress in their specialization.  To provide the students with practical training that at present they cannot get due to the traditional framework of the studies at the Faculties and Hospitals. To fit out with tools, machinery and innovative technical resources. To promote new enterprises in the field of Health. And above all, the use of new technologies as the leading guide for all these proposes, are some of the items that will define the Cyborg project of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche”

Diario Información 12/6/2017


One of the tasks of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche is to provide the Society with qualified human resources in the field of Health Sciences. For this reason, by means of a specific structure, it wants to energize and encourage innovative learning methodologies to train  health care and non-health care staff, so that it could improve both the quality of the sanitary assistance and the patient´s safe, mainly focused on /towards the efficiency.

The mission of Cyborg is to manage the knowledge in wide meaning by means of innovative methodologies drove to learn specific professional capacities such as knowledges, skills, attitudes and team working, and to develop both translational research and preventive strategies related to electronic health.

Innovation. The Cyborg project will firmly contribute to make the Alicante Province an international reference in the field of Health Sciences, in its capacity as an experimental center of the UMH where students and experts will improve their training in Health as it had not been possible to do before neither in Spain or in Europe.


Entrenamiento Quirúrgico Experimental
Experimental Surgical Training
Simulación Robótica Robotic simulation
Simulación Virtual
Virtual Simulation
Instalaciones edificio Severo Ochoa Scenic simulation
Analysis and Debriefing



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